The Mei Tai Baby Carrier

What is the Mei Tai?

Mei Tais are a widely popular style of baby carriers that are renowned for their simplicity and provides parents and baby with the secure carry they desire. These carriers originated in Chinese culture and have been a part of the baby wearing culture for centuries. Modern companies have taken the idea of the traditional Mei Tai and redesigned it for mass production.

What is the Modern Mei Tai?

The Mei Tai is a large rectangle of cloth that has cloth straps coming from every corner. The large rectangle is the pouch for your baby while you use the four straps to wrap around both you and the baby. Mei Tai’s are used for both back, front, and hip carry with the right wrapping techniques. If you choose to carry your child on your back, a good rule to remember is that the younger the child, the higher on the back you need to carry them.

The Mei Tai is perfect for couples that like to use the same carrier. It provides a fit that is versatile enough to fit most body types. It provides the same support that a cloth wrap baby carrier would with more provided structure.

The Different Types of Modern Mei Tai’s

Mei Tai’s are categorized by different aspects of their design.

Straps: There are two different design aspects in the straps that the Mei Tai’s adhere to.

Normal Cloth Straps: Normal straps are the same in all wraps. It is a strip of cloth that has been reinforced to provide the sturdiness needed for wrapping. The strap doesn’t have any padding.

Padded Straps: This design has padding build into the material of the straps. The additional padding helps alleviate some of the pressure from your back and shoulders as you wear your baby. The padded straps are also limited because they don’t necessarily fit all body types.

The Waist: There are two different design aspects for the waist that the Mei Tai adheres to.

  • Non Padded Cloth Waist: The most traditional of Mei Tai’s do not come with padding in the waist area. They are simple cloth.
  • Padded Waist: Newer Mei Tai’s employ a small amount of padding in the waist area to help make carrying more comfortable. The padded area is supposed to be as wide as your stomach area with a slight curve towards your hips. This limits the versatility of the padded waist Mei Tai’s because everyone’s waist is a different size.
  • The Structured Mei Tai: The structured Mei Tai is one of the most progressive models in baby carriers like Ergobaby. The structured carrier comes with buckles to help provide more structure and stability.