Can Supplement Help With Pain?

Supplements like O GENIUS X are taken to provide body with the adequate amount of nutrition that is not present in the daily diet.  The right type and amount of supplements help in controlling various types of body pain such as joint pain, knee pain, stomach pain etc.

These pains are most likely to occur in people suffering from arthritis and inflammatory disease. Supplements helps you deal with the fundamental reason that causes pain – Inflammation. You may get supplements in the form of liquid or tablet form. In this article we will tell you about a few supplements that help you treat various types of pain in the body.

Back Pain

supplements for healthTurmeric is a proven ingredient that has potential to curb inflammation effectively. Raw turmeric can be consumed by adding in a cup of warm milk. It can also be taken in the form of supplements. One to two grams of this supplement is sufficient to cure any pain arising in the body. This herb gives pain relief from lower back region and various discomforts arising due to arthritis. Capsicum is another powerful remedy to soothe your back pain. Turmeric supplement pills helps in giving quick relief from lower and upper back pain easily.

Stomach pain can arise due to many reasons like indigestion, inflammation etc. There is a very significant supplement, O INTELIMAX IQ,  harpagoside which when taken in low dose help ease the painful sensation in the stomach. The supplement made with this active compound should be taken in amounts ranging between 30 to 100 milligrams.

Joint pain

Glucosamine is an effective ingredient that combats mild to strong pain in the joints. Regular intake of it in the form of supplement aids in improved movement of joints and formation of the cartilage in the body.

Though intake of supplements is considered to be one of the best and cost effective treatments to stop the painful sensations in the body, it is always advisable to check with the doctor before consuming these supplements. You need to be patient while consuming supplements. Continue them for a period of four to five months to see a visible improvement and pain relief in the body.